People In. Plastics Out.

We owe just about everything to the ocean. It's given us a playground, a community, a unique place to connect with the planet. As a company that produces products that can be made from recycled plastics, we have the responsibility to do just that. But we can do more. Whenever possible, Nixon is committed to using recycled materials that

come from ocean plastics, keeping the ocean cleaner while making a more sustainable product. Some of our best selling watches, like the Base Tide Pro, Light-Wave and Staple, are made out of recycled plastics destined for the sea. Let's take care of the ocean as much as it takes care of us—one right choice at a time.

Our goal is to get waste out of the ocean and more people into it.

Products & Packaging

A collage of the Nixon Sentry Solar watch and a light bulb

Focusing on Friendlier Materials and Technologies

The Materials:

A selection of our watch cases and watch bands are made using recycled plastic that has been collected before it can enter the ocean.

By working with #tide ocean material on collecting and recycling this "ocean bound" plastic, we are helping to provide jobs to local populations while keeping plastic from entering oceans and landfills.

The Technology:

We are also continuing to utilize environmentally-friendly technology in our watches, like solar movements. Watches that are powered by light energy reduce the amount of batteries a watch will need over its life.

Even office light is enough to keep these watches ticking!

A blue Nixon Base Tide Pro sustainable digital watch shows 12 o'clock.

Reducing Our Footprint with Smarter Packaging

Product packaging can be wasteful and resource-intensive.

We've taken steps to help reduce the environmental footprint of our packaging by:

  • Making every piece of our packaging recyclable, including the foam
  • Using smaller boxes that require less material
  • Switching from offset printing to digital printing
  • Removing user manuals and registration cards from packaging and putting them online

Our Partners

Young skateboarder dropping into a bowl by The Skatepark Project.

Serving Communities with The Skatepark Project

The Skatepark Project (TSP), formerly known as the Tony Hawk Foundation, has a straightforward mission that aligns with what we believe in here at Nixon: "helping underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth."

To date, TSP has helped create nearly over 700 public skateparks across all 50 states. That means almost 9 million skaters per year have access to high-quality recreational spaces thanks to their efforts!

Nixon is involved with The Skatepark Project in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Participating in the TSP Fellowship Program, which included speaking to BIPOC youth aged 18 to 24 who advocate for skateparks in their communities.

  • Building skateboards at the Nixon office to support TSP's "Supply the Ride" initiative.

  • Making TSP the charity of choice for the Giving Tuesday 2023 donation push.
Man plants a mangrove for SeaTrees

Reforesting the Ocean with SeaTrees

SeaTrees is an arm of the nonprofit organization Sustainable Surf that focuses on reforesting oceans. Whether it's kelp along California's coast or planting mangrove trees in Indonesia, SeaTrees is making a major impact with its focus on our oceans.

For example, mangrove trees sequester 5-10 times more CO2 from the atmosphere per hectare than tropical rainforests.

Here are a few of the ways Nixon has been involved with SeaTrees:

  • Collaborated on a SeaTrees Time Teller OPP to raise funds for the organization.

  • Making SeaTrees the charity of choice for Earth Day and Giving Tuesday 2022 donation pushes.

  • Hosting the SeaTrees team to come and speak at the Nixon headquarters

  • Participating in SeaTrees volunteer projects in the Southern California community.
Learn More About SeaTrees

A Two-Way Conversation

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