Nixon is a brand with strong kelp roots in surfing. Since our founding in 1998, surf watches have been core to our DNA. But in terms of style, comfort and function, what's the best Nixon Surf watch of all time?

We reached out to a handful of our friends in the lineup to get their feedback and let them designate the GOAT for us.

Nixon's Best Surf Watches... Ever


Eva Luna Woodland Solano

Date of Birth: November 27, 2001

Hometown: Melbourne, Florida

Local Break: RC's in Satellite Beach

Favorite Spot to Surf: My favorite spot to surf "ever" would be Pavones in Costa Rica. It really doesn't get much better than surfing a perfect left in Costa Rica.

Local Shop: My local shop is Catalyst!

Years Wearing Nixon: I've been wearing Nixon watches for as long as I can remember since I started surfing! I used to have a watch tan so bad it would look like I still had a watch on even when I'd take one off.

Best Nixon Surf Watch: My favorite Nixon Surf and Tide watch of all time would have to be the Siren. It's so versatile and honestly such a classic watch. It's not too bulky and the style is so sleek and simple it works in and out of the water perfectly.


Puamohaluokamahina Nanami Akaka (that’s my first name) LOL

Date of Birth: July 21, 2002

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Local Break: Diamond Head

Local Shop: T&C

Years Wearing Nixon: 10 years

Best Nixon Surf Watches: My favorite watch is the Heat Surf watch, or the Nixon Lodown. I recently got the Heat watch in a dark green and I love it. It’s very efficient yet elegant. I can wear it out to surf and to a nice dinner without any worries.

Levi Slawson

Date of Birth: February 20, 2003

Hometown: Encinitas, California

Local Break: Oceanside Pier

Favorite Spot to Surf: Rocky Point

Local Shop: Surfride

Years Wearing Nixon: 10 years

Best Nixon Surf Watch: My favorite Surf watch made by Nixon is by far The Heat, designed by John John Florence and made perfectly. My favorite parts about the watch are that it is very slim to your wrist and very easy to use. Often times watches feel too bulky on my wrist to wear while surfing but with the Heat you will not have that problem!!


Darshan Antequera

Date of Birth: February 8, 2003

Hometown: Playa Jaco, Costa Rica

Local Break: Playa Hermosa

Local Shop: Walter Surf Shop, best shop in Costa Rica

Years Wearing Nixon: Since I started wearing a watch haha, for like 9 years

Best Nixon Surf and Tide Watch: My favorite all time watch is the Nixon Base Tide Pro because of all the things that come with a good-looking watch: like tide charts from all over the world, a night light, and a timer for heats. I like it in the color black.

Jose Ángel Morales

Date of Birth: April 17, 2005

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Local Break: Aviones

Favorite Spot to Surf: Chatarra

Local Shop: 3Palmas Surf Shop

Years Wearing Nixon: 1 year

Best Nixon Surf Watch: My favorite Nixon Surf and Tide watch is the Base Tide Pro. It was my very first Nixon watch. I really like the simplicity of it. It’s very easy to use. I find it very convenient for those who are constantly in and out of the water, like me.


Braeden Kopec

Date of Birth: June 26, 2006

Hometown: Ponce Inlet, Florida

Local Break: Ponce Inlet

Favorite Spot to Surf: Colorados in Nicaragua

Local Shop: Surf Station

Years Wearing Nixon: 6 years

Best Nixon Surf Watch: I’m stoked on the Staple which I’m wearing right now. It's my go to watch in the water and on land too. The dual heat times option with the ability to set the countdown timer to the minute rather than just presets is awesome, and also the clarity of the screen is incredible in the sun and ocean. These features are super important to me as a competitive surfer. Plus the fit and feel of the watch is amazing! But I can’t forget about when Nixon had the Ultratide which was the sickest smart / GPS watch that linked to Surfline! So cool!

Hunter Sato

Date of Birth: August 22, 2003

Hometown: Oahu, Wahiawa

Local Break: Haleiwa

Favorite Spot to Surf: Lanis and Kahana Bay and Kaiser Bowls

Local Shop: Surf n Sea

Years Wearing Nixon: 10 years

Best Nixon Surf Watch: I really love the design of the Staple. It’s a very iconic watch from Nixon with a very simple and sleek look, not too bulky, and it matches the everyday outfit. I love the soft rubber on the band. I usually get rashes over time with others, but this one I wear everyday outside and inside the water and I didn’t get it once. The rubber is also really strong. I love how simple and easy to set up it is. I love to wear it while foiling. I time myself with the watch to see how many waves I can get without falling, as if I were in a real heat. Overall, it’s a really sick watch for the everyday user, and I love the fact that it’s made with all-recycled material.

Luke Tema

Date of Birth: July 5, 2006

Hometown: North Shore, Oahu

Favorite Spot to Surf: VLand & Pipeline

Local Shop: Hawaiian Island Creations

Years Wearing Nixon: 1st year

Best Nixon Surf Watch: The Staple is my favorite Nixon Surf watch of all time. It is easy to set up and adjust for heats and contests. The Staple is very comfortable to wear surfing. It feels like I don’t even have a watch on. I don’t have to worry about it coming off because it is very secure. Lastly, I like the size of the watch and the way it looks.

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