Women's Milanese Watches

Few things embody the word "timeless," like a Milanese watch band. Milanese mesh bands have been around since the 19th century, meaning they've transcended the cycle of going in and out of fashion. They can look vintage and contemporary at the same time and elevate the look of any watch to which they are attached.

Nixon women's Milanese watches feature some of our most popular models, but the woven chain bracelets give each one a breath of fresh style. They go well on analog and digital watches, and any size of watch benefits from the elegance of the fine mesh. Women's Milanese watch bands come in a variety of finishes, too. Our Milanese timepieces come in stainless steel, all black, yellow and rose gold, and more.

The moment you wrap the smooth metal of a Nixon Milanese band around your wrist, you'll know why this style has been popular for generations.