Take a look at the Supertide.

The most advanced digital watch of it's time, the Supertide flaunted a crisp, high-resolution display with over 230 beach locations pre-programmed.

Team-designed and world-champion tested, the Supertide's key features included tide/sunrise/sunset data for 230 beaches globally. The Supertide combined advanced technology, the comfort of silicone with the durability and design of Nixon. With the rhythm of the tide, the Supertide synced you up with the motion of the ocean so you hit the lineup right on time, every time.

Nixon Supertide

The Supertide, once referred to as the "Next generation tide watch", came in a smooth, one-piece silicone suit that looked like fun but was serious about surf. With pre-programmed tide charts and sunrise/sunset data for over 230 global surf spots, plus easy-to-use future tide and heat timer, light and integrated push-button controls, it was just as fanatical about the waves as you. And on top of it all, the super-bright, high-resolution display took this surf-specific model to another level in five different color options: all black, white, surplus, sky blue and red.

Today however, our lineup has more than doubled-down on beach data and are available in a variety of styles. Check out our new tide watch collection and find unique combination that matches your needs.