The World's Smartest Surf Watch, The Ultratide

Forever changing the landscape of how surf report information was delivered, and challenging the status quo of what you've come to expect from a tide watch, Nixon released The Ultratide powered by Surfline.

Nixon Ultratide

Two years in the making to create an evolution to surf watch technology, Nixon's Ultratide was the product of extensive research, team development. Forget what you thought you know about surf watches, the Ultratide was like nothing you've seen before; it was the smartest and most revolutionary surf watch in the market.

An exclusive partnership with Surfline tapped the power of their leading global surf conditions network and delivers real-time data via wireless Bluetooth® technology to the Ultratide: tide, time, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and air temperatures.

The Ultratide made sure you never missed an epic session again.

This watch is different. It will not nag you or interrupt your life, except to deliver perhaps the most important notification of all: It tells you when your local surf spot is going off. - WIRED

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  • POWERED BY SURFLINE: The Ultratide was the result of an exclusive partnership between Nixon and Surfline. All of the Surf Report Data is provided by Surfline, the world's largest and most credible surf report agency.
  • 10X the DATA: Traditional surf watches featured just one single data point: tide info (predicted and pre-programmed). With the Ultratide you could quickly reference 10x more data than ever available before.
  • REAL TIME: Via a Bluetooth connection, the Ultratide provided all of its data live and in real time. You were always connected to what was happening at your favorite surf spots.
  • TRACK & SHARE YOUR SESSIONS: Connected with and followed your friends. Record, rate, and share your sessions.
  • CUSTOM SURF ALERTS: Program the Ultratide to notify you when Surfine rates the conditions at your favorite spots "GOOD" or "EPIC", or select the perfect conditions including: wave height, swell direction, tide, water temp, air temp, wind speed and direction, etc. and the Ultratide will alert you when you should go surf.
  • WIRELESS: The Ultratide was 100% battery-powered, you never needed to plug it in and recharge it. The Ultratide battery was designed to last 1-2 years (depending on usage). Nearly all other smart watches on the market required recharging via USB cables
  • TEAM TESTED, APPROVED & CUSTOM BUILT: The Ultratide was a result of nearly three years of extensive research and development, and rigorous team-testing by some of the world's best surfers. \
  • WATERPROOF: A smart watch you could surf in, waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet)