The Nixon Regulus Expedition watch is a timepiece built for outdoor adventuring. It includes ABC + T functions and new "Session" and "Camp" modes.

Why We Made It: Regulus Expedition

Our newest twist on this Nixon classic, The Regulus Expedition watch includes fresh features designed specifically for outdoor adventurers.

Without a doubt, one of our most popular digital watches is the Regulus. A tactical watch designed in collaboration with agents of the US Special Operations, the Regulus is a watch built to perform in the most extreme circumstances.

Then, we refreshed the original Regulus to have more urban appeal with the Regulus Stainless Steel. And now, we’ve gone for another go at updating this popular digital watch.

So, what sets the Regulus Expedition apart from its predecessors? And what are these nifty new features, anyway? Keep reading to have your questions answered.

How Expedition Fits Into the Regulus Family

If you've taken a look at the three different Regulus models available at, you may likely have wondered – which Regulus is the right one for me?

There are currently three different options available, each Regulus has a specific purpose and each fits a specific type of wearer.

The original Regulus was designed in collaboration with the United States military. The main feature is the dual chronograph. Because there are often multiple objectives soldiers must complete in a given mission, the ability to have two separate timers on a watch is a necessity. The original foregoes complexity in favor of ease of use.

A Nixon Regulus Expedition sits on a rock

The Stainless Steel took everything the original did well, and just made it flashier. If the Regulus is a tactical watch, the Stainless Steel turns your everyday wear into a piece built to last.

Now, we have the Regulus Expedition. The Regulus Expedition is packed with useful features that come in handy especially for people who spend lots of time outdoors. From camping and backpacking, to snowboarding and climbing, the Regulus Expedition is a watch meant for adventurers.

Regulus Expedition Features Explained

The original Regulus watch was built to be useful but simple. No bells. No whistles. Still, it works perfectly for its purpose.

The saying on the back of this Nixon watch case says "OFF THE GRID" and the features match perfectly.

The Regulus Expedition is the ultimate adventure watch. It is entirely another beast, packed with tools and modes that help wearers maintain control in the most unpredictable environments.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find in the Regulus Expedition:

  • ABC + T: Atimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer.
  • MCLD: Crisper resolution than the traditional LCD.
  • Session Mode: Track your latest hiking, running or snowboarding session. The Regulus Expedition will also maintain personal records for Highest Altitude, Rate of Elevation Change, and Total Elevation Change.
  • Camp Mode: Receive weather alerts when the barometer detects pressure changes indicative of changing weather conditions.

In addition to all these new modes and features, the Regulus Expedition features side pushers on both sides of the case. This is the most ideal placement for those who use this watch while wearing gloves!

A man walks in the woods wearing a Nixon Regulus Expedition

At the time of this writing, the Regulus Expedition is available in three different colors: black, navy and gray. You can find more details on this watch and read user reviews at the Regulus Expedition product page.