Minimum Advertised Price Policy - MAPP


The policy aims to drive consistent advertising and presentation of Nixon products. The policy is an essential tool to ensure that consumers recognize the premium quality and relentless innovation embodied in our products.
Yes. The policy is not limited to advertising that makes specific reference to Nixon products. Anything that serves to directly or indirectly advertise Nixon products below minimum advertised prices violates the policy. Advertising for storewide discounts, general clearance discounts, flash sales, and other forms of generic discounts violates the policy even if MAP products are not specifically mentioned or pictured. Any general advertisements for discounts shall include a prominent disclaimer stating "Select Nixon Excluded" or "Nixon Excluded" (as the case may be).
Yes. General promotions such as advertising a group of products or a site-wide promotion indirectly promote Nixon. Select Nixon must be excluded and no MAP products should appear to have any association with the general promotion.
Classifications/categories: If a retailer purchased Nixon product within their classification/category they must "exclude select Nixon" if they are promoting that classification/category.
No. Advertising Nixon products as generally on "clearance" violates the policy.
Clearance advertising that could include Nixon products, must state "select styles" or "exclusions/restrictions apply". "Select Nixon" must be excluded in these restrictions.
Yes. Regardless of whether Nixon products are specifically mentioned, buy-get and gift with purchase promotions that involve Nixon products in any way violate of the policy. Accordingly, any such promotions must include a prominent disclaimer indicating that Nixon products are excluded.
Because there are so many ways to advertise references to shopping carts that are thinly veiled if not overt advertisements of discounts, we only allow one of two alternative phrases in reference to prices displayed in an online shopping cart: "see cart for price" or "add to bag for price." Phrases like "place in cart for best price," "see cart for final price," "see cart for secret savings" all violate the policy.
No. Retailer explanations about MAP policies tend to be thinly veiled if not overt messages to consumers that simply advertise discounts or sales. It is a violation of our policy to publish any such explanations, whether they appear in print, radio, or television advertising; broadcast emails; on static website pages, banners, or apps; or on pop-up windows or displays triggered when consumers click, hover, or otherwise review or explore online content.
Yes. Our policy is strictly limited to advertising. Once consumers begin direct communication with a retailer about pricing and potential sales, whether in person, or via phone or email, our policy has no effect on that communication. However, as with references to online shopping carts, advertisements inviting consumer email or phone inquiry may only use the following phrases: "Call for Price," "Email for Price," or alternatively, "Call or Email for Price." All other references to email or call to inquire about pricing violate the policy.
Yes. Email that is distributed to groups of consumers is covered by the policy. However, individual emails initiated by a consumer to a retailer are not covered by the policy.
Yes. Our policy applies to all forms of digital advertising.
Nixon may update styles subject to MAP at their discretion.