Need to return Nixon merchandise for credit? Please review the following policy and procedure.

Approval to Return Merchandise
  • Complete the B2B return form, which can be found on B2B, Sales>Sales Tools>Return, to indicate models, quantities and reason for return.
  • Send the return form to an authorized Nixon representative for approval to return merchandise.
  • When the request to return is approved, an authorized return number (RA #) will be issued by email
  • with the return order detail and instructions of how and where to send the return.
  • Authorized returns must be received within 30 days of the date the RA was issued by Nixon.

Condition of Return Merchandise
  • Returns are inspected upon receipt to verify the condition of the product and its packaging.
  • Return items must be unused, unworn and free from marks, scratches or damage caused by wear or mishandling.
  • Return items must be in original packaging, clean and free from retail labeling.
  • Any exceptions for packaging or condition of product must be requested prior to issuing the RA.
    Packing Return Merchandise
    • Pack items in a safe and secure box(es).
    • Boxes should be packed weighing no more than 30 lbs and have proper void fill to keep individual watch boxes secure while in transit.
    • High quantity returns (over 200 units total or 20 units or more per SKU) should be packed by SKU in a carton.
    • Write the RA number on the outside of the box(es). If sending back multiple RAs, they need to be packed in individual boxes and respectively labeled with RA numbers.
    •  Use an insured carrier to return box(es) to Nixon.
      Credit Issuance for Return Merchandise
      • Nixon processes credits within 10 business days of receiving returned product.
      • Returns with discrepancies in quantity, quality or packaging will be reported to customer service for resolution.
      • Full credits will be issued for product that is unused, unworn and free from wear marks, scratches or damage in the original packaging and free of any retail labeling or label residual.
      • Partial credits will be issued for product that is used, worn, scratched, damaged, non-resalable or with damaged packaging.
      • Issuance of a return authorization is not by means an issuance of a credit. A credit is produced upon 

         receipt and inspection of returned merchandise.
      Chargeback Issuance

      Nixon will work with accounts to eliminate cause for partial credits, or chargebacks. If, however, accounts repeatedly do not comply with the guidelines listed above, Nixon will apply a chargeback to recover loss and excess handling costs.

      Chargebacks apply to:
        • Product that is damaged due to wear or evident mishandling. Such merchandise will be credited at 50% of the wholesale value. Note that slight wear on watches caused by display or packaging, returned with care and in compliance to guidelines, will not incur chargebacks.
        • Items received with missing packaging components (i.e., links and manuals), severely damaged packaging and/or retail stickers/labels/marks on watch boxes. Such merchandise will be charged $5 per unit. Note: a maximum of $5 per unit will be assessed for packaging discrepancies.
        Where to Send Return Merchandise

         All approved RA’s originating in the United States are to be sent to:

        Nixon Distribution Center
        Attn: Return Merchandise
        2810 Whiptail Loop Suite 101
        Carlsbad, CA 92010


        All approved RA’s originating in Canada are to be sent to:

        I to I Logistics
        c/o Nixon Returns Department
        1442 Cliveden Avenue
        Annacis Island

        Delta, BC V3M 6L9

        If you have questions about Nixon’s return policy or procedure, contact your Nixon representative. By accepting a return authorization number, you are agreeing to Nixon’s return policy and procedure.

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